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About Us

The Indian Plastics Industry, today, has surged a head, keeping up with competition from global players. Indeed, we are enterprising zealous workers. However focused hard work and persistence are not the only ingredients that build a world-class enterprise. It is also advertising and high decibel advertising that – pays off rich dividends.

Our Mission

Exposure is the key not only to survival but also to resounding success. It is a fact understood and appreciated by all markets savvy entrepreneurs of the Indian plastics industry. The more you talk about your company, products and service the more noticed and the more business you whip up. Advertiser’s from the plastics industry have exploited the full potential of the opportunities and ensured their own growth and that of the Indian plastics industry.

The question that now arises in your mind is which is the correct medium to advertise in? Which is the correct avenue? We will tell you: Modern Plastics India. Modern Plastics India, jumped in to its 17th years of publication, would like to offer your branding and keep your customers updated offering your products and services. As you know, Modern Plastics India – the only monthly magazine for plastic professionals published from India completed Sixteen years on 19th February 2016. Modern Plastics India aims to be a premier plastic magazine that will allow you to make a noise about service you offer and the products that you deal in, about 39, 600 copies of the monthly will ensure you to get maximum exposure and get noticed by all the right people. Free copies will make their way to all plastics association worldwide, consulates and. . . after all, an endeavor of the Emerald Groupe. Modern Plastics India enjoys a strong presence not only in India but also in SAARC Countries. It carries high profile reports gathered by our efficient editorial team, replete with details, development and trends on domestic as well as international markets. An Internet edition has been launched for your added benefit. It is the magazine for the classes as well as the masses. Make the most of this opportunity. You do not need big business backing or access to large amounts of funds to be able to attract attention.