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Sustainable TPEs in Office Supplies

Sustainable TPEs in Office Supplies

KRAIBURG TPE, a global TPE manufacturer of a wide range of thermoplastic elastomer products and custom solutions for a variety of industries, offers the RC/FC/PCR/AP series of compounds with up to 35% PCR content for applications in office supplies.

The corporate sector contributes to large proportion of waste, which includes everything from e-waste to food and packaging to paper scraps. Today, sustainability is integrated into business operations as part of corporate responsibility. It is not surprising that workplace sustainability practices are becoming a norm.

Manufacturers are, thus, developing products with advance materials like thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly products used in offices.

As well, TPEs meet the criteria for long-lasting, high-quality products that can also be ergonomically designed. These features allow products to provide users with long-term value and a longer service life.

KRAIBURG TPE, a global TPE manufacturer of a wide range of thermoplastic elastomer products and custom solutions for a variety of industries, provides sustainable, high-quality, and custom-engineered compounds. Its newly introduced RC/FC/PCR/AP series, a post-consumer recycled (PCR) TPE line, is suitable for office supplies, as well as a wide range of sustainable applications.

Significant PCR content; good alternative

KRAIBURG TPE’s RC/FC/PCR/AP series of compounds exhibit excellent durability, flexibility, and haptics.

The post-consumer recycled content of the compounds ranges from 9% to 35% (hardness-dependent). It has good adhesion to PP and excellent mechanical properties.

Excellent haptics; soft-touch feel

The series of compounds feature soft and non-sticky haptics, which provide a comfortable grip as well as soft-touch feel preferable for applications in calculator buttons, fingertip guards, handles and grips for staplers, scissors and cutters.

The haptic characteristic undoubtedly offers an aesthetic value to stationery products such as pens, highlighters, punchers, and more.

Aesthetics; color versatility

For market appeal, manufacturers enhance the product color and aesthetics of stationery products.

KRAIBURG TPE’s PCR range of compounds is available in translucent and natural color options for flexible coloration.

KRAIBURG TPE also offers worldwide consistent color quality standards, as well as a variety of precoloration options to its customers all over the world.

Sustainability successes of our TPE

Besides the materials for applications in office supplies, KRAIBURG TPE’s recent sustainability innovations include a specially developed material solution for consumer, and industry applications comprising post-consumer recycled (PCR) and post-industrial recycled (PIR) content.

Are you looking for a sustainable TPE solution? Talk to us!

Our experts are happy to answer any questions you have, as well as to offer the right solution for your application.



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